Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild Free Writes

The Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild is founded on the belief that the writing–and sharing–of our stories matters. We are enormously proud of our many published writers, but publication isn’t our ultimate goal. What matters is the telling of the story, whether that happens while sitting around a table at a Free Write, standing before an audience at one of our monthly readings, sharing drafts of one’s writing in a workshop– or publishing. Regardless of a writer’s genre or skill level, the Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild offers education, encouragement and above all, a nurturing community of people who care about–and value–words.

– Maribeth Fischer, Founder and Executive Director
Free Writes!

Free Writes! is the name given to an informal gathering of writers of ALL skill levels who meet to practice their writing in a friendly and nurturing atmosphere. The goal of the Free Writes! is to provide a place and an opportunity for people to have fun with their writing, to explore different genres, and to do this in the company of other writing enthusiasts. Each Free Write! is facilitated by a Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild member who has experience in teaching, writing and/or leading such groups. Participants write prose, songs, poetry and fiction, work on novels during free writes, start short stories. Writing Prompts are often (but not always) designed to focus on a particular aspect of writing: the use of sensory details, the necessity of strong verbs, the craft of writing dialogue.

Free Writes group meets in the Upstairs Meeting Room and enter through the back door.

  • Parking meters off: Mondays, 9am-11am
  • While parking meters are in effect: Mondays, 8am-10am

Writing Boot Camp will still offer a chance to meet and socialize with other writers, but it will also offer dedicated blocks of time to work on your on-going projects. Instead of writing two short prompts and sharing them out loud, we’ll offer two 35 minute blocks of writing time, with a fifteen minute break between.

For each “block of time” we’ll suggest a word to use in your writing. For instance, if we give the word money, you might begin an essay about money or you might write a scene in your novel where the characters are arguing about money or maybe you’ll hone a poem about your grandfather pulling a nickle from your ear. After the session is up, we’ll take a break, chat with one another, then start another 35 minute session. Perhaps the next word will be kitchen…

Writing Boot Camp also meets upstairs through the back door, every Saturday from 8:30am-10am, regardless of parking meter season.