Start a Book Club

Looking for help starting a book club? Need space for your book club to meet?
We’ve got you.

Now, you can register your book club at the Rehoboth Beach Public Library! Registration perks include:

  • A list of books that are available as kits in the Delaware Library Catalog
  • Special book club exclusives and promos from various publishers
  • Private meeting space at the Rehoboth Beach Public Library (dependent on availability!)
  • Help reserving multiple copies of the same book, for pick-up at the library of your choice
  • Discussion questions to help generate conversation and debate at your next book club meeting

Sound like a plan? Awesome!

  1. Just fill out the registration form to register your book club as an official book club at the Rehoboth Beach Public Library.
  2. Drop the form off at the library at your earliest convenience, and start receiving your benefits today!

If you have any questions, please reach us at (302) 227-8044.