Welcome to the Book Garden

Welcome to the Rehoboth Library’s Book Garden!!

Miss Julie here and I have spent more than a decade working in libraries. I have spent so many hours poring over bestseller lists and coming up with sheets of reading recommendations for people, I figured why not take that show on the road? So here I am, ready and able to help you with all of your bookish concerns! Don’t know what to read next? Want to pick up a best seller at the library, but you’re stuck on a never-ending wait list? Follow me into the Book Garden! Pull up a beach chair, grab yourself a cup of tea and unwind.  Whether you like reading Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fantasy, or anything in between there is something for everyone here.

What I will try to do with every post is to introduce you to the bestselling books in various genres, and show you some similar reads you can look into just in case you’re stuck on a long hold list waiting for your copy. I will also show you a few neat tips and tools you can use to help you find even more books because you know what they say, you can never have too many books!!

Enough with the introductions! Let the adventures begin!