President’s Report

How do you calculate the “value” of our library?

You might start with the retail price of all of the printed books, e-books, videos, and audio materials that library patrons enjoyed “for free”. By that metric, the Rehoboth Beach Public Library saved us a whopping $1,788,545 just in the last year.

Next, you might factor in the programs that library patrons enjoy. What price tag would you put on the 451 adult programs and 284 youth programs held last year, with a total attendance of more than 10,000?

Impossible to quantify is the value that the Rehoboth Beach Public Library brings as a community hub and information resource—whether you need help with your iPad, enrichment for a young student, or simply a destination to get yourself out of the house, the library is there for you.

For all of these reasons, the Friends of the Rehoboth Beach Public ask you to give generously. Join or renew your membership, and consider whether you could participate at a higher level.

We thank you for joining us in this important community effort. We promise: the return on your “investment” will be immense.

Alexander Yearley

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