Helping Out

There are several ways to help support the Rehoboth Beach Public Library!

Donate to the Rehoboth Public Library:

A donation made to Friends of Rehoboth Beach Public Library & Website donations raised by the Friends is used exclusively to benefit the Rehoboth Beach Public Library, and includes free membership in the Friends of Rehoboth Beach Public Library!

Volunteers fill a vital and essential role at the Rehoboth Beach Library and allow the library to function at a much higher level of service than would be possible with paid staff alone. Volunteers are present within the library on a daily basis to assist with circulation, maintain inventory, and mend books. The library currently enjoys the help of over 20 volunteers.

Rehoboth Beach Library is privileged to have an elite group of volunteers referred to as “Shelf Elves.” Our Shelf Elves agree to devote 1/2 hour of their time per week to help keep the library’s bookshelves organized. The day and time is at the discretion of the elf.

It is the responsibility of the Shelf Elf to keep the books neat and in order according to the Dewey Decimal System.

For their work, the Shelf Elves receive the staff’s eternal gratitude.

The Rehoboth Beach Public Library can only accept items during normal business hours. Please refrain from placing donations in the book-drop. Books, CDs or DVDs must be in good physical condition. Good condition means:

  • Clean (free from dust, grime, and stains)
  • Intact spine and pages
  • Odorless
  • Small signs of age and wear

Books, CDs, and DVDs that are moldy, dirty, foul-smelling, yellowed, water damaged, heavily scratched (CDs and DVDs), or incomplete (i.e. broken spines, missing pages) will not be accepted.

Guidebooks, medical books older than 5 years, encyclopedias, text books, outdated electronic media (Cassettes, VHS, etc.), magazines older than one year, and Reader’s Digest condensed editions cannot be accepted.

For more information on item conditions, visit these two sites: Condition Guidelines Guide to Book Conditions

The Rehoboth Beach Public Library appreciates your donation!

We ask that you limit donations up to 2 boxes per day because we have limited space and volunteer time to sort and process items efficiently. Disposition of donations are the sole discretion of staff and book sale volunteers. Understand that once items are donated they become the property of the library and will be used or disposed of as we see fit.

Thank you!!

Honor someone special in your life and help the library, too! Each card has minimum donation of $5 per card. The funds are to help the general operation of the library.

Honor cards are available for purchase at the Rehoboth Beach Public Library during normal business hours.The Rehoboth Beach Public Library does not keep record of the honor cards purchased, sent, or received.