Genealogy is a genealogy research website that has over 5 billion records online with more constantly being added. All of the United States Federal Census records between 1790 and 1930 have been scanned and indexed into the website. Additionally, U.S. Naturalization records (1794-1995), U.S. Military Collection (1775-2006) and other various records have been indexed into this website.

Access to’s Library Edition is available for FREE when you visit the Rehoboth Beach Library. You can build family trees and upload family photos using this website.

Sussex County Genealogical Society
This organization shall promote genealogy and educational work in a professional manner, shall encourage and instruct its members in genealogical research through careful documentation, and shall maintain quality genealogical standards.

Meetings are held monthly, except June, July and August, in the upstairs meeting room. Meetings begin at 10:30am. Special meetings may be held at other times.

The Rehoboth Beach Public Library houses a variety of genealogical reference resources for in house use including Sussex County Genealogical Society members are allowed check out items from the genealogical reference section.

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