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For all questions and advice on federal taxes, go to the IRS website or call these useful numbers:
Tax Help for Individuals……..1-800-829-1040
Hearing Impaired TTY/TDD….1-800-829-4059
Tax Forms and Publications…1-800-829-3676

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Free Tax Preparation by AARP Foundation

2022 Appointments Mondays February 14 – March 28 4:00pm-6:30pm

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AARP Foundation has a limited number of Tax Counselor volunteers this year due to COVID-19. Therefore, we will be limiting our scope from previous years. We will also be using a Drop-off method to complete tax returns. Taxpayers will require two appointments. The first appointment will be no longer than 20 minutes where the taxpayer will drop off their documents and answer questions about their tax documents. The second 10-minute appointment one week later will be to pick up, review and approve their completed return.

Taxpayer Requirements

(also see Tax Aide Check List below):
• The Intake /Interview Form (13616-C) and Authorization Form 14446 must be completed before your scheduled appointment time. Download form here.
We will be doing Tax returns for 2020 and 2021 only. We are only doing Delaware and Maryland State returns. No PA, VA, DC, NY NJ, etc.
• All tax documents required to complete their Federal and State tax return must be presented to Tax Aide tax counselor at the time of their appointment. Incomplete tax documents will be returned to the taxpayer and a new appointment will be required.
• Taxpayers will be required to show their social security card and driver’s license to the Tax Aide counselor. Identification documents will not be retained by Tax Aide.
• The value and date (in writing) of each federal and state quarterly payment made (if any).
• A voided check for taxpayers requesting electric refunds.
• If the taxpayer wants to itemize their deductions rather than use the standard deduction, then the following items must be documented and summarized in writing:
o Mortgage interest and real estate taxes (actual documents).
o All medical expenses must be fully documented and summarized in writing.
o All charitable donations must be fully documented and summarized in writing.
o Documented evidence of any other deduction taxpayer is seeking to claim.

Tax returns requiring /containing the following cannot be done this year:

• Tax returns for years other than 2020 and 2021.
• Taxpayers who sold a home or have moving expenses.
• Taxpayers with Schedule K-1s.
• Returns requiring multiple state returns other than Maryland and Delaware.
• Self-employment with income exceeding $1,500 or expenses exceeding $1,500.
• Self-employment where there are employees, losses, depreciation, business use of home, 1099 filing requirements or other complicating requirements.
• Taxpayers with rental, farm or royalty income /expense.
• Taxpayers with complicated capital gains and losses or day trader activity.
• Hobby income or other activities not for profit.
• Tax returns including child’s investment or other unearned income (kiddie tax).
• Returns with Alternative Minimum tax, additional Medicare tax, or Net Investment Tax.
• Foreign financial asset reporting requirements.

Tax Aide Document Check List – Tax Years 2019 & 2020

Personal Documentation
• Last year’s tax return.
• Social Security cards – for all individuals to be listed on the tax return.
• Photo I.D. – for all individuals (except minors) to be listed on the tax return
• Checking account information (voided check) if you want your refund direct deposited.

If you have these income related documents
• W-2 from each employer.
• Unemployment compensation statements.
• SSA-1099 Form showing the total Social Security benefits paid to you for the year.
• 1099 Form(s) reporting interest (1099-INT), dividends (1099-DIV), and proceeds from stock transactions (1099-B).
• 1099-R Form(s) if you received a pension, annuity, or IRA distribution.
• 1099-MISC Form(s) (and related business costs, if any).
• W-2G forms for gambling winnings.
• State or local income tax refunds.

If you made Estimated Quarterly Federal and State Tax Payments
• List of the payment amounts made and the date each payment was made.

Most taxpayers will qualify for the standard deduction. However, if you think you can itemize then bring the following information:
• Home mortgage interest and real estate taxes paid (Form 1098).
• A list of medical /dental / eye related expenses (including doctor and hospital bills and medical insurance premiums), a list of prescription medicines, eye glass costs, mileage to and from the doctor, etc. This information must be summarized and in writing.
• Summary of contributions to charity (including a description of the donation, the date donated and the value of the donation) and miles driven for a charity related activity. This information must be summarized and in writing.

Health Insurance
• 1095A Forms if you purchased insurance through the Marketplace (Exchange).
• 1095B/1095C Forms (if applicable).
• Any exemption correspondence from the Marketplace (if applicable).
• Health Savings Account Documents.

Potential Credits
• Value of stimulus payments you, your spouse and dependents received in 2020 and 2021.
• Child /Dependent care provider information (name, employer ID, or Social Security number) and the amount paid in child /dependent care.
• 1098-T and 1098-E Forms (Tuition and Student Loan Interest).

2022 Appointments Mondays February 14 – March 28 4:00pm-6:30pm

Make an appointment here!

The library receives a limited number of forms for distribution. Please call to confirm availability. Forms may be printed at the library. Please visit the IRS or DE Division of Revenue websites for more information on obtaining tax forms. Forms may be printed upon request.

Libraries can provide tax information, but cannot give tax advise.